All Mar Silver & Company (MSC) furniture is custom made to order.  Custom orders are non-returnable and non-refundable. Custom furniture is inspected for quality control by MSC prior to shipping.  All products should be inspected upon receipt to verify goods are per confirmed order.   In the unlikely event of damages incurred during in-transit freight, the Buyer must notify MSC within 2 business days of receipt of the furniture.   Returns require written pre-approval from MSC.  Returns are to be shipped by the Buyer in accordance with MSC shipping policy.  No returns will be accepted on a product that has been installed, altered, damaged, cut, treated, or processed.  


All objects listed on the MAR SILVER website are final sale and non-returnable. If objects shipped by MSC are damaged in transit the Buyer must notify MSC in writing within 2 business days. MSC must provide written pre-approval for the return and MSC shipping policies apply.


Fine Art, including paintings, photography and sculptures, can be returned within 48 hours of delivery subject to written pre-approval by MSC.  The Buyer will be responsible for shipping and handling according to MSC shipping policy and for return shipping fees.  No returns will be accepted on an artwork that has been installed, altered, damaged, cut, treated, or processed.  A restocking fee of 25% of the purchase price will be charged for Fine Art returns.  In the event of damage that occurred during in-transit freight prior to receipt by the Buyer, the Buyer will notify MSC in writing within 2 business days.  Returns must be pre-approved in writing by MSC.

Refund Policy

  • Custom orders are non-returnable and non-refundable
  • Returns of non-custom items must be authorized in writing by MSC for refund, credit, or exchange.  
  • Refunds for artwork will only be processed once an inspection of the artwork by MSC has been completed and it is determined that the artwork has been returned undamaged
  • Merchandise returns without written approval by MSC will not be accepted for refund and will be returned to the shipper at their own expense.
  • Installed, altered, or damaged product will not be accepted as a return, including products that have been cut, treated, or processed.
  • Returns must be received to the designated location within 30 days of agreed upon return.
  • Any product received after the 30 days or of a condition other than brand new, will not be accepted.
  • This policy excludes customer service issues (i.e. in-transit freight damage issues)